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My name is Angie McComb and I am an independent Senior Energy Consultant specializing in Solar Energy.  I started my energy career with Tesla Energy in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was a top Field Energy Consultant with them until the Las Vegas market was shut down. 

I then transferred to Dallas, Texas where I  am originally  from and where my family lives.  Once I got to Dallas, I quickly realized that Tesla wasn't where I needed to be and ventured out as a consultant and SOLARGIRLTX was born.


Lola Lu my Solarbulldog and I are helping homeowners across the great state of Texas own their electricity instead of renting it!


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What I do..

I go to Clients homes or meet with them virtually and I analyze their energy consumption and why they are consuming what they are.  In this process we also take a look at their cost of electricity and how much they are actually paying for their power. We then custom design a plan together to mitigate their outgoing costs.  I will make suggestions on what I believe will be the best solar panel and inverters for their individual needs.  I also provide them with the most competitive financing options on the market. 

 I am there to figure out what their needs are and execute the Homeowners vision. 

                      Anyone can deliver a product.  I am there to deliver an experience.

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Tel: 702-579-5317 or 561-389-4112

Email: info@solargirltx.com


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